Ghosting from candidates can be incredibly frustrating when looking for new staff.

You find someone that looks perfect, you make contact, and wait for their reply.

And you wait…   And wait…  And then nothing! Zilch! No reply at all!  They’ve gone, you’ve lost them!

But why? Is this just the way some people are? Or can it be avoided?

We believe employing the following steps, all simple to implement, can help to improve candidate engagement.


Would you buy online from somewhere that has poor reviews?  Do you book holidays without checking Tripadvisor first?

Of course you don't. And good job seekers will do the same. They will look you up, and see what the reviews say about you as an employer.

When did you last check your reviews? Have a look on Glassdoor today and see what your staff have said about working for your company.

If you have a number of poor reviews, you need to introduce measures to overcome the issues and improve your reputation.



Your job advert is the first point of contact between you and an applicant, their first step in the candidate journey.

Does your advert provide an accurate assessment of what you offer and who you are looking for? Is it clear and concise? Is it arranged to be easy to read?

If your advert is badly written or inaccurate, this may be the reason why candidates aren't responding when you want to book an interview.

For more details on how to write a great job advert, click here.



The first rule of no ghosting club, NO BE A GHOSTER YOURSELF!

Everyone who apply for your job should receive an acknowledgement of their application. This can be done via an auto-responder or CRM software and is quick and easy to set up.

Be sure to include a timescale at this point too, so applicants know when they can expect to hear from you, and when interviews are likely to take place.

Once you have shortlisted and all your interviews have been confirmed, make sure you also send 'regret' emails to all unsuccessful applications.



Here they are, your perfect candidate. They've applied for your job and you would like to invite them to an interview. OK, let's drop them an email, right? WRONG!

Firstly, pick up the phone and give them a call. It gives a great early chance to build a little rapport with the candidate and you'll avoid getting lost in the sea of their inbox.

If you don't get through, leave a voicemail. Then send an SMS asking them to call you. Then a Whatsapp, then an email, and then, if you still haven't managed to get hold of them, send them a message on LinkedIn.

Use every channel that is available to you, but the key is to get them to call you. When you speak you can outline the interview process and discuss any concerns the candidate may have before it becomes a bigger issue.

It's good to talk, as someone once said.



Now that you have verbally invited the candidate to the interview, confirm everything in writing.

Drop the candidate an email, yes, it's now fine to use email as the candidate is now expecting an email so will be looking out for it, confirming all details discuss on the phone.

Be sure to include links to video software if it's a remote interview, or full address details if the interview is face to face (and include transport links and/or parking info).

Ask the candidate to reply to the email to confirm their attendance, so that you can be sure they have read your email.

Finally, be sure to call the candidate again the day before the interview for final confirmation.

Making your process more communicative and transparent is one best way of maintaining clear and open communication with your applicants, and exorcising the GHOSTS!

Alternatively, partnering with a great recruitment business such as 2M Employment Solutions can help eliminate these issues and present you with fully motivated candidates for your vacancies.

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