Be In The Know

Understanding the landscape that lays before you increases your ability to navigate your way through it, so we’ve compiled a series of information to help you prepare and understand your journey.

Information in this edition has been compiled and published by CV-Library in July 2020.

Candidate Behaviour

C, conducted in June 2020.

Average applications per vacancy for up 106%, when comparing data from June 2020 vs June 2019.


What Candidates want

The CV-Library survey found that 73.8% of UK professionals considered salary to be the most important factor when seeking a new job.

Location (66.9%), job Security (27.7%), flexible working hours (27.3%), development opportunities (20.5%), and the company's culture (20.3%) were the next five highest considerations for job seekers.


How Candidates are searching

61% of visitors are searching for jobs via mobiles according to the research from CV-Library.

Searches for remote jobs are up 174% when comparing data from Jan - July 2020 to the same timeframe in 2019.

The survey showed that 51.3% of UK professionals were more likely to consider a remote-working job in the future, compared with 37.4% who were less likely. 11.30% were unsure.


When are people looking for work?

Wednesday is the most popular day for job views on CV-Library, followed by Tuesday and then Monday. Sunday is the least popular day.

However, Monday is the most popular day for job applications, followed by Tuesday and then Wednesday. Saturday is the least popular day for applications.

The most popular time for candidates to view jobs is between 9am and 11am, and most people apply for jobs between 11am and 12pm.

According to CV-Library's data, Marketing professionals are the most likely people to apply between 12pm and 2pm!



What happens next?

A massive 97.1% of candidates say they are more likely to accept a job offer if they had a positive route to hire experience. This underlines the importance of regularly reviewing your candidate journey.

Always treat candidates like you would a customer.


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