How to make yourself more attractive

No, we’re not going to offer advice of the best cosmetic brands, Harley Street surgeons, or having a PMA, but we will explore how you can help yourself stand out to the best talent in your sector when you are hiring.

Here’s our 5 top tips.

Create a great company culture

Having a great company culture needs to be instilled, lead and supported throughout your business to be effective.

Do you have clear company values and are these at the core of your business activities? Does your company encourage positive communication? Is your workplace somewhere that you would like to work?

If you’re not about your culture, ask your staff to complete anonymous surveys to get their feedback. Do they feel cared for, do they know their roles, and do they believe they contribute to the company mission?

Staff who feel appreciated and supported will speak positively about your business to others externally, tacitly building your employer brand and your ‘attractiveness’ to new employees.


Build a strong employer brand

How do you want to be perceived as an employer? Does your external marketing display this?

Fun, fast-paced and free or Precise, prepared and professional?

Your brand is your decision but it’s essential that this is correctly and consistently portrayed via your website and social media channels.

The applications you receive will often reflect the employer brand and culture you project, so it’s hugely important to get your marketing on point.


Write effective job adverts

Are you advertising for staff but not getting the calibre of applicants you need? Check your advert before dishing out more advertising budget.

Your job advert should contain a job title, job summary (location, salary, hours), a concise description of the role and candidate requirements, and some information about the company (why should they want to join you?).

Finally, you need to have a clear application process that makes it easy for the applicant to apply. The more hoops they have to jump through, the more likely they’ll go elsewhere.

And don’t forget about your employer brand when writing your job ads!


Employee referral scheme

You’ve got some great people working for you, right? Guess what, people tend to make friends with others similar to them. Similar backgrounds, ethics and morals.

Therefore, it’s possible that your staff may already know your next great hire. Are they recommending their friends to you or vice versa? No! Why not?

If you don’t ask you don’t get, so ask your staff whether they know any suitable candidates for your jobs. In fact, why not incentivise them to do so. That incentive can be money, but it doesn’t have to be. What about giving them an extra day off each year that their introduction works for you, or maybe a prime parking spot for a few weeks/months, or maybe an experience gift, such as hot air ballooning or a track day?


Offer Competitive Salaries

Sounds obvious, right?

Of course you are going to want to offer the going rate for your candidates. But when did you last research the going rates for your location?

Have any new companies set up locally in recent months and disrupted the regional ‘going rate’? Have your competitors changed their remuneration structure?

Ensure you undertake regular research and analysis for the localities you are hiring in and make sure your offering is on par, or better still, higher.

Having a great recruitment partner, like 2M Employment Solutions, can help you in many of these areas and give you the best opportunity of finding the right people for your business.

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