Case Study – Coole Bevis

Case Study – Coole Bevis


In April 2023, Coole Bevis faced the intricate challenge of recruiting for a Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitor in West Sussex. Acknowledging the time sensitivity, niche nature of the role, and location challenges, Coole Bevis reached out to 2M Legal to ensure top talent acquisition for this critical position.

The Process:

After undertaking a comprehensive fact-finding meeting with Coole Bevis, 2M Legal initiated an extensive market review to establish the availability of appropriate candidates and where they are likely to be found. On completion of the review, 2M Legal began a targeted candidate search, identifying both passive and active candidates based on the information gathered.

Two strong candidates were identified and initial interviews were arranged. After a thorough interview process, both candidates progressed to the second round, demonstrating their strong potential for the critical position.

The Outcome:

Coole Bevis, impressed by the calibre of the candidates, extended an offer to their first-choice candidate. The offer was met with enthusiasm, and after a brief negotiation period facilitated by 2M Legal, the candidate accepted the offer.

The entire recruitment journey, from the initial discussions between Coole Bevis and 2M Legal to the offer acceptance, was successfully concluded within 50 days. This timely and effective outcome reflects the synergy and dedication invested by both parties in securing top talent for this niche and time-sensitive role.

We have since learned that our candidate was promoted to Partner within four months of starting with Coole Bevis.