Great Tools for WFH Success

More and more companies across the globe are now switching partially or completely to telecommuting.

After all, working from home has proven to help increase employee productivity:

  • Namely, as much as 71% of telecommuters claim they don’t struggle with establishing a work/life balance while working remotely.
  • Moreover, as much as 69% claim they don’t need to take days off to maintain their mental health while working remotely.
  • Last but not least, remote workers are actually proven to work about 1.4 days per month more and procrastinate 10 minutes per day less than people working from a traditional office.

As evident, the productivity numbers are all in favour of telecommuting — and, employers who may have their doubts can make the work-from-home workflows completely fool-proof by using on the right software tools.


Great Employer Tools for WFH Success - Dewo

Dewo – for blocking distractions

The ceaseless circle of notifications, emails and social media alerts has made it impossible for us to immerse ourselves in deep work and prioritize the things that truly matter. As human beings we’re extraordinarily fallible, and sometimes, no matter our best efforts, the lure of Facebook can be too much. Step in Dewo, your intelligent “deep work assistant”.

Using machine learning to analyze when you’re most productive, Dewo captures your real-time activity to understand how you do your best work. Aside from providing insights into how you work deeply, it actively helps you get there. It automatically triggers “Do Not Disturb” mode across your devices once you reach a flow state, helping to protect your focus. It can also reschedule badly spaced meetings to construct a more effective working week – freeing up more space for uninterrupted deep work.

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Slack — for real-time communication

Slack is a classic communication app that lets you handle all your team communication in direct messages (either sent to individuals or groups), and specialized public and private channels.

Streamlining team communication gains even more importance when the team is working remotely, and Slack can help you minimize response time.

Apart from sending instant messages, you’ll also be able to set a work status (to help your teammates understand whether you are currently on a lunch break, or running an errand, etc.), share attachments, as well as conduct video calls with individuals and groups.

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Great Employer Tools for WFH Success - Slack
Great Employer Tools for WFH Success - Clockify

Clockify – for tracking your hours

Clockify is a time tracking app that lets your team track their work hours, either by:

1. Tracking time while working, by starting and stopping a timer.
2. Adding time manually, after you’re done working.
3. Adding time in a timesheet view.

You can even view what your teammates are currently working on, by glancing at the “Dashboard” section of the app.

Once the team is done working, you can all generate reports and identify who worked when, on what, and for how long.

The team can set their hourly rates, and track billable time (and have their earnings calculated automatically), but also track non-billable time (such as short breaks and lunch breaks), in order to build a complete report of how exactly they’ve spent their work hours.

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15Five – for measuring employee engagement

15Five is a performance management software that helps employers and managers collect regular employee feedback in order to build and maintain a high performing work culture — even from afar.

Each week, the employees receive a 15-minute survey where they answer a string of insightful questions such as the ones concerning their personal productivity and morale within the team. Then, the employers and managers read and comment on their responses, as well as analyze metrics to find ways to trigger continual improvements in future work and performance.

With this tool, employers will get a chance to understand how satisfied their employees are with their work. In turn, the employees will get a chance to have their concerns and opinion heard in a straightforward manner.

15Five promises a powerful question bank, so both the employers and the employees will get a chance to address diverse sets of potential work issues and concerns.

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Great Employer Tools for WFH Success - 15five
Great Employer Tools for WFH Success - Google Drive

Google Drive — for file storage and synchronization

Google Drive is a multi-functional tool that lets you store and share your files, as well as collaborate together in shared online word editors, spreadsheets, and presentation slides.

Collaborative work from afar may seem challenging, but you can easily work it out with Google Drive.

You’ll be able to create project proposals, write and edit blog posts, or create business documentation in Google Docs.

You’ll be able to compile and manipulate statistical data for your business in Google Sheets (where you’ll also be able to create accompanying charts and graphs).

And, you’ll be able to work on (and later present) presentations for clients and teammates in Google Slides.

You can easily create all the listed types of documents in Google Drive and then work on them together, in real-time. All your changes and edits will sync together and get saved automatically.

In addition to all that, you’ll also be able to drag & drop video, audio, and text files (with an up-to-10gb limit per file) and then share access to them with teammates.

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