The importance of great onboarding

The importance of a great onboarding process should not be underestimated. You've done a great job hiring the perfect talent for your team, now it's time to make them feel a part of that team.

The first few days in a new job are absolutely critical. Often we place the spotlight on the new employee, as companies and managers eagerly anticipate the new employee settling in with ease. However, the need to make a good first impression works both ways. Companies need to consider the impression that they are giving to their new employee and the support they are providing to ensure their ongoing success in the role.

As a busy manager, it’s easy to skip a comprehensive human resources onboarding process for the new recruit, especially when work has been piling up while the position has been vacant.

However, there are inherent risks involved with this. Here are the four biggest risks to your business if an optimal recruitment onboarding process is overlooked:


The importance of great onboarding

Lower productivity

The new employee could struggle and take many more months than expected to work effectively.

On average, a new employee takes around eight months before they reach optimum performance. Poor onboarding will extend this even further, if the new recruit makes it that far.


Impact to the company’s reputation

A survey by Glassdoor found that 31% of UK employees admit they are disappointed in their new role less than six months in.

This can lead to negative word-of-mouth, which in turn could impact on your ability to secure top talent in the future.


The importance of great onboarding
The importance of great onboarding

Loss of the new recruit

When an employee isn't supported and continually sold on the role, even within the first few months, you could risk losing them.

Despite the negative current employment climate, good candidates have multiple options available to them.

Impact to company culture

Consider the emotional impact to your team if a staff member leaves too soon.

A report by CIPD found that over 70% of employers believe employees’ departure from the organisation has a negative effect on business performance.


The importance of great onboarding
The importance of great onboarding

With the above factors at play, employers can't afford to not set aside time to conduct a thorough employee onboarding process.

Here are five small, but effective steps that can help your new hire settle in quickly.

  • Assign a welcome buddy who can be accessible for the new hire and is experienced enough to answer any questions they may have.
  • Inform your team of their arrival
  • Set a clear and comprehensive training programme
  • Set clear expectations from the offset
  • Make time for the new hire when they need you.


Working with the right recruitment partner, such as 2M Employment Solutions, can have a positive impact on attracting, onboarding, and retaining the best people for your business.

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