Video Interviewing for Employers

Video Interviewing for Employers

We are recently experienced unprecedented times across the globe due to the pandemic, with 2020 being known for a mixture of virtual lock-down, self-isolating, and mask wearing.

All businesses will take their own view on how to best to operate moving forward, but if your company has decided to press-on with hiring plans, or if it’s essential for you to recruit now, there are many options available for safe interviewing.


To get the most out of the process, video interviewing is the best option. With so many video options available for with a host of great features for free, you can still interview prospective employees as effectively if they were in your office.

Video interviewing has two sides: the candidate and the hiring company. It is easy to concentrate on the importance of a slick and convenient experience for the candidate, but what about the hiring managers who interact with video platforms? Video interviewing is an intelligent approach to hiring and for it to work; one must take a planned approach to interviewing. To make life a little easier, we’ve put together our top five tips for video interviewing.

  1. Treat it like any other Interview

It’s essential that Video interviews are approached in the same way you would a face-to-face interview. Ensure your environment is right, book an interview room if you have one or make sure you have a quiet space available. Be ready to start the interview 5 minutes beforehand, and have the necessary equipment available to take notes.

  1. Check the Tech

Ensure that device you are using for the interview is set up and ready to use. Test the sound and visuals are set up correctly so that you can be heard and seen. Check the set up of your seat so that your head and shoulders are visible. You want to kick off the interview in the right manner rather than have an awkward, 1980s Eurovision type scenario. ‘Hello Copenhagen, are you there?

  1. Look at the camera, not the screen

Eye contact is important in any kind of interview, but video calls make it a lot harder to follow, because, where do you look?

If you look directly at the interviewee on the screen, it might feel like you’re giving good eye contact, but all they’ll see is you looking down. Focus on looking directly at the camera instead, at least for the most-part of the interview.

Also, remember to smile

  1. Sell your business

Top talent will always be in demand, so there’s a battle to attract the best people, and the current climate will no doubt make candidates more dubious about making a move. Therefore you need to be prepared to wow the best candidates and emphasise why they should be joining your business rather than your competitors. Make sure you go into battle fully armed!

  1. Next steps

Once the interview is complete, outline how you the application will progress, give deadlines, and make sure you stick to them. If you’ve not already done so, think about how you can on-board new staff remotely. Here’s some great information here from Workable

Hopefully this will help over the next few weeks, but of course, if you have any questions at all, then please don't hesitate to reply to get in touch or give us a call on 02392 387722.