What Matters to Candidates?

Our recruitment Chihuahua, Coco, looks at the key takeaways from a recent study of over 2600 jobseekers conducted by job boards giant, Monster, and what they mean to employers.

Moving into 2022, we should use this opportunity to listen to the requirements of your future employees and move your business towards meeting these needs.

Hi, Coco here again!

This time around I'm taking a look into some recent research from Monster.co.uk.

They surveyed over 2600 of their users in the UK during the lockdown and the results show their attitudes to working from home, how they feel their current employer has handled the crisis, and their work motivations.


What Matters to Candidates

  • Knowing an employer looks after their staff when things get tough - job security.
  • Finding a sense of deeper purpose and meaning in their work.
  • Having an employer whose values align with their own, that stands for something.
  • Feeling that what they do is of value to others or wider society.
  • Getting more control and autonomy over their role and responsibilities.
  • Balancing their time - working from home, or a shorter commute.
  • Contributing within a team to a bigger picture.
  • Having opportunities to learn, feel challenged and grow - possibly in a new sector.
  • Feeling they are paid fairly for their work.
  • Getting on well with colleagues in a vibrant environment.


‘‘Candidates who said their next job would be in a different sector were THREE TIMES as likely to be looking for ‘More Meaningful’ work.”

What employers need to do

  • Show how you look after, and keep, current staff, customers and new hires safe.
  • Understand that you already have an employer brand, and what exactly it is are saying.
  • Communicate the values of your employer brand from the first impression.
  • Deliver on the promises your employer brand makes.
  • Paint deeper pictures, not just what they will do, but why they will do it.
  • Offer flexibility where possible - remote working at least part of the time.
  • Plan ‘get up to speed’ training for career-changing candidates with strong transferable skills.
  • Introduce Teams, Colleagues and Culture early in the selection process.
  • Use the full benefits of socially-distant video interviewing, on-boarding and training.
  • Be empathetic: Good candidates may be struggling from traumatic months. Make allowances


‘‘It’s critical to deliver on the promises your employer brand makes”



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